Cast Stretch Film Lines



  • Film With High Strength
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Outstanding Output

S S Mechanical Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading Cast Stretch Film Line manufacturers.

With our on going innovation and R&D, we have manufactured this CAST STRETCH FILM LINE/ Extrusion Machine which can effectively produce/ extrude cast stretch films, cling film, emboss film, pallet wrap film, masking film, sanitary napkeen film and CPP Film of very high quality very cost effectively.

The Multilayer CAST STRETCH FILM LINE/ Extrusion Machine was displayed in 2009 at Plast India Exhibition and has been a great success since then. And there on it has put its step further to achieve its best place in the market for the various types of CAST STRETCH FILM LINE/ Extrusion Machine available in its class.

Our CAST STRETCH FILM LINE/ Extrusion Machine provides both reliable and high quality options for hygiene and economic packaging of everyday products. It can be used to pack wide range of products. It can be used in packaging food stuff, sanitary products, florist products, pharmaseutical products and find great use in textile industries also. With its maximum and high performance capabilities, stretch films are strong, versatile for application seeking high performance products.

Out of the many Cast Stretch Film Lines/ Extrusion machines manufactured by us and to display on this website, our Multilayer CAST STRETCH FILM LINE/ Extrusion Machine, is an excellent, cost effective, high performance product in its range of products.



Model SS/CF-50/65/50-1000 SS/CF-55/75/55-1500 SS/CF-65/90/65-2000 SS/CF-75/120/75-2500
Screw Size (MM) 50/65/50 55/75/55 65/90/65 75/120/75
Film Width (MM) 1000 (Finished) 1500 (Finished) 2000 (Finished) 2500 (Finished)
T-Die Width (MM) 1300 1800 2300 2800
Max. Extrusion Output (Kg/Hr) 120-200 225-300 345-400 425-450
Main Motor (KW) 15/30/15 18/45/18 45/90/45 45/90/45
Winder Two Station Turret with Auto Cutter
Machine Dimension (Mtrs) (L x W xH) 12 x 4 x 5 15 x 5 x 5.5 17 x 6 x 6 19 x 7 x 6.5




  • Packing Food stuffs
  • Packing Sanitary products
  • Packing florist products
  • Packing pharmaseutical products
  • Outstanding Output
  • Film with Higher Resistance
  • Minimum Power consumpation